High ticket & hotel prices burn holes in fans’ pockets ahead of CL final

Liverpool and Real Madrid fans wishing to watch their two teams do battle in Kiev this weekend are finding out the whole trip will end up denting their wallets by more than just a bit.

Both clubs were given 16,626 tickets each, meaning a little over half would be given to fans of the two teams squaring off in the 63,000 capacity stadium in the Ukrainian capital.

Resale tickets for the event have been selling as high as £1,337, the face value of which was just £61 during the club’s official ticket allotments.

But fans are keen to go, with Liverpool making their first European Cup final appearance in over a decade. In fact, local band Echo and the Bunnymen wanted to reschedule their concert in order to see the final, but changed their mind after angry fans made their voice heard on social media.

LFC Fans

It’s not just tickets- hotels and airlines are making merry as well. For example, a hotel room for the final costs a whopping £859, but the same is available for just £16 a week later. Even flights from Kiev to London appear to be carrying a 6x markup, with a return around the time of the final available for £1,214 versus a modest £267 for the same sector a week later.

Liverpool fans have dubbed these a “tax on their passion” with Derek Twigg, a British parliamentarian who is also a LFC season ticket holder, calling the situation “appalling”

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