Football Boots trivia

Some interesting trivia I found on the net today.

We all know who Dimitar Berbatov is. But do you know what fee did CSKA Sofia pay FC Pirin to acquire Berbatov in the late 1990’s?

It was not the £30m that United paid for him. Not even £100K.

Sofia paid the pricely sum of 50 footballs and 20 pairs of boots to Pirin.

India qualified for the 1950 World Cup ( The same one in which Uruguay upset Brazil to take home the trophy), but did not compete in it. But they wanted to play barefoot in the tournament, which was unacceptable to FIFA, and therefore they were not allowed to take part in the tournament.

Another one- not relating to football though.

Did Abebe Bikila wear any running shoes during the 1960 Olympics?

He did not, and still managed to win the marathon. Can any one of us imagine running 42km barefoot today?

However he did wear shoes for the 1964 edition, and won the marathon again.

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